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The Team

Chuck Mastel

Chuck is a 40+ year veteran of the grain and futures industry. He began his career in 1973 with the Atwood Larson Company as a merchandising trainee. Two years later Chuck joined Cook Industries as the senior spring wheat trader. In 1976 he was transferred to Grand Forks, ND as Regional V.P. where he managed the 3 million bushels terminals in Grand Forks and Jamestown, ND. In 1980 Chuck formed Mastel Grain Company in order to serve producers, elevators, exporters and flour mills with there hedging needs.

For over 40 years Chuck has been a floor broker and member of the Minneapolis Grain Exchange. His fundamental and technical experience with futures, options, and spreads has enabled him to develop successful trading strategies for every type of client.

Chuck Mastel

Tim Roth

Tim Roth is a 40+ year veteran of the commodities industry. Tim started his career after graduating from the University of Minnesota, with Dependable Feeds/Dependable Commodities in 1973. In 1981 he took over management of the clearing and retail brokerage operation for Donaldson, Lufkin, Jenrette, a New York-based investment banking firm.

This experience provided him with the knowledge and understanding of the various kinds of customer needs and objectives in an ever changing marketplace. Although Tim works with clients that trade everything from grain and livestock to precious metals and currency, he specializes in corn and soybean trading.

His message to anyone trading futures and/or options: Leave your ego at the door and use good money management. Today's marketplace is not the market we once knew. More than ever, commodity traders need to understand the risks of today's highly volatile, electronic trading arena.

Tim Roth


David Melberg


David is a 39 year veteran of the grain industry. He farmed in Renville County, MN for 30 years raising corn, soybeans, sugar beets and wheat and stills owns his farmland. In 2005 he founded Northland Commodities. He sold his shares in 2009 and completed his MBA.


His hands on experience in agriculture gives him a unique perspective in the grain industry. He understands the risks and rewards in the combination of yield, commodity prices and costs.


David enjoys working with farmers and commodity users in setting up hedging strategies.